Hæ / Hi

My name is Guðlaugur Ellert

...but feel free to call me Eli
...eða ef þú talar íslensku þá er ég Gulli

Little bit about myself

I was

..born and raised in Iceland.
I grew up in a small village named Siglufjörður.

I moved

..to Australia in 2014 to study.
I studied Software Development.
I graduated in 2017.

I work as

..a mobile developer
for Ellume.

I have experience in mobile application development, as well as delivering Technology and IT Strategy projects to clients in the public and private sector. I have background in software development, mobile application development and website development.

The combination of my technical background, IT strategy experience, and mobile app development, has given me a wide range of skills and capabilities.

I proudly serve as a board member for the Tech Girls Movement Foundation, a not-for-profit with a mission to champion Australian school girls using hands-on learning to transform their future and encourage equity in the technology industry.

I believe in equality through equity.

Some of the skills I know


Swift, Kotlin

Software Engineering

Software Architecture
Mobile Design Principles

Web Development

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Some of my hobbies


Veteran Quake player: Q2, AQ, Q3.

PC & PS4 gamer.

Football (Soccer for weirdos)


Maintaining a Discord bot written in javascript
Enjoy a good drip of scotch and great food!

Don't hesitate to contact me!

let contactMeVia = "contact" + "@" + "ellert" + ".is"